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About Jambé Version 2 Kits

As part of updating the Jambé App to version 2, we had to update our kit file format. The Jambé 2 app has special code to automatically update Jambé 1 kits to the new format when they are opened. If you select an older kit and then get asked to save when selecting a different kit, that's what happened.

If you're did a clean install of the app, or just want to make sure you're using the latest version of our kits, links to them are included below.

The Status of a kit will be one of the following:

  • Converted: The kit has been converted the Jambé 2 format without other changes.
  • Updated: The kit has been converted to the new format with some additional changes.
  • New: This is a new kit for Jambé 2.

Downloading Kits

If you are viewing this page on your iOS device, click on the links below for the kit you wish to use and it will download. In the browser download icon (upper right), you can see all the files you have downloaded. Click on the kit you want to install and share it to the Jambé app. The kit will automatically install itself.

If you are viewing this page on a computer, you can download the files as usual and share them to the iPad. AirDrop works great for this. When receiving a kit file on an iOS device with the Jambé App installed, you'll see Jambé as a destination. Select it and the kit will automatically install itself.


None of these kits, nor any you create in the Jambé 2 App, will load in the Jambé 1 App.


4 Chord Guitar G       (New)    
Kit by John Worthington

An ongoing experiment in seeing how far I can push Jambé with unusual performance techniques. The pads trigger multiple simultaneous samples to simulate a guitar strum. Up and down strokes for G, C, D, and Em chords.

808 Drum       (Converted)    
Kit by Jambé

Basic set of samples from the legendary TR-808.

80s Drum       (Converted)    
Kit by Jambé

Compilation of samples from various 80’s drum machines, including the TR-808 and TR-909.

Ashiko       (New)    
Kit by Niki K.

Ashiko is a west African drum similar to the better known djembe. Although closely related, the ashiko has a distinct tone. In Latin music, the ashiko is known as the botu drum and is often heard in Cuban music.

Conga Drums       (Converted)    
Kit by Jambé

The Conga family of drums come from Cuba, where they are sometimes refered to as tumbadora. A staple of latin music.

Dueling Taiko       (New)    
Kit by Jambé

Taiko drums originate in Japan. This kit features Sampler Instrument Actions from Jambés other Taiko kits mapped across two Jambés.

Handpan       (Converted)    
Kit by Jambé

Our first attempt at a handpan type instrument using samoples found online, Handpans aren sonically related to the steel drums of the Caribbean and Thai gongs.

Intervals       (New)    
Kit by John Worthington and Evan Brooks. Samples by Scott Nickels.

This experimental kit was created to demonstrate the new “interval” or "relative" mode at Synthplex 2022. During the show, John Worthington and Evan Brooks took turns tweaking the kit into it’s present form. The “Interval” is the number of scale steps to tranpose the Sampler Instrument Action on that pad. If “Add to Last” is enabled, the effect is cummulative. This kit also provides an example of using the FX Processor and the iPad's gyroscope as a modulation source.

Kora       (Converted)    
Samples by Daniel Berkman. Kit by John Worthington

The kora is a West African stringed instrument similar to the harp or lute. This kit includes samples multi-instrumentalist Daniel Berkman recorded on his kora. The position of the Actions on Pads map closely to relationship between pads on a kora.

Koto D Hirajoshi       (Converted)    
Kit by John Worthington

The koto is a Japanese plucked string instrument. This kit provides two octaves in the key of D, Hirajoshi scale. The samples come from a physical model of a koto.

Koto Flange D Hirajoshi       (Converted)    
Kit by John Worthington

Essentially the “Koto D Hirajoshi” kit with 2 layers of flangers in sequence using the FX Processor.

Latin       (Converted)    
Kit by Jambé

Basic set of latin percussion. Congas, cowbells, woodblocks, etc.

Oval Water Wood Toy       (New)    
Kit by Scott Nickels

Fun sounding mystery samples

Pate Drums       (New)    
Kit by Mark Bain

Pate is a Samoan log drum. The samples were created by Mark Bain on a trip to the Cook Islands.

Perc Toy Box       (New)    
Kit by Jambé

Basic set of latin percussion instruments spread across 2 Jambés.

pvcWhack       (Converted)    
Kit by Jambé

Samples of different lengths of PVC tubes being struck. This kit is included with the Jambé appplication. But you can download a fresh copy if you deleted or modified it.

Rhodes 7ths       (Updated)    
Kit by John Worthington

Experimental kit with Rhodes samples. Keep pressure on pad to sustain. You can play Jambé more like a keyboard! Each Action has 4 samples. The various sample list modes are used to get different behaviors. Look in the “Samples” tab of the Action for the details.

Rock Kit       (Converted)    
Kit by Mark Bain, Samples by HandHeldSound

A classic multi-sampled Rock drum kit.

Taiko Drums       (Converted)    
Kit by Jambé

Taiko drums originate in Japan, This kit features the smaller taiko drums.

Taiko Large Drum       (Converted)    
Kit by Jambé

Taiko drums originate in Japan, This kit features the large taiko drums.

Tibet Bell       (Converted)    
Kit by Jambé

Pitched small Tibetan temple bells.

Udu       (Converted)    
Kit by Jambé

The udu is a clay percussion instrument, origianlly from Nigeria.

When Del       (New)    
Kit by John Worthington

Rock kit with samples of a rare late 70’s digital drum machine.