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How do users connect up their Jambé drum?

We often get asked about how we personally have our Jambé drums setup. How are they wired up to our systems and what external adapters and equipment we use. Outlined below is a diagram of how our testing lab is setup with multiple Jambé drums. This multi-drum configuration is for our Version 2 software application that supports multiple hardware connections.

The key is to have a good USB Hub connected to your iPad. We have found almost all USB3 hubs work fine in this configuration, and that most USB2 hubs also work. Make sure to use a USB hub that has its own power supply so that you don’t drain your iPad with all the extra USB equipment.

The Main Audio Output can be from just about any USB audio device, from very inexpensive PC sound dongles to high-end mixers and audio source devices. You can also just use the iPad internal headphone output, of course. This makes Jambé very customizable to fit your own musical setup.

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