Jambe Version 2

We have been hard at work getting a major application update for Jambé. We gathered a ton of user feedback and began implementing a large number of new features for Version 2 early in 2023. We expect to have Version 2 ready for a public release in Q1 2024. Notice there are three Jambé images in the app screen shot above…yes, the Version 2 application supports three simultaneously connected drums!! That means 30 pads available per kit!!! And there are many more new features in Version 2.

If you are interested in beta testing this new Version 2 software, we have an open Beta Test program so you can have immediate access to this fantastic new version! Contact us to join the Version 2 Beta Test program.

Here are a bunch of links to get you started with the Beta Version 2 software:

What’s New in Jambé Version 2

Jambé Version 2 Upgrade Guide

Jambé Version 2 Kits

If you have any technical questions, please post them in the Jambe Facebook Group, where you can get immediate responses, or see below on how to contact us directly.

Contact us either through our “Contact Us” form or send a note to :